Level 4 Internal Verifier - The British College
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Level 4 Internal Verifier

Formerly known as the Internal Verifier Award (D34) or the V1, this qualification is for people who verify the work of other assessors.  The third unit is aimed at those who lead the verification process and support other verifiers (usually in a larger organisation).

Please note: for Unit 2 students need to monitor a minimum of two assessor who have at least two candidates each.  Assessment activities may include sampling, observations, and standardised meetings.

With no specific term dates, you can enrol on this course at any time.  All course materials are provided online, so no expensive books!  Students submit assignments online, and are expected to participate in discussion topics to demonstrate understanding of the topics.

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Course Description

The old Internal Verifier (IV) qualification has now changed to the Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance qualifications (IQA). 

There are three IQA qualifications available. At Brooks and Kirk we can deliver any of these qualifications, however we predominantly deliver the most highly regarded of the three; The Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice.

The awarding body for your Level 4 IQA course can either be Industry Qualifications or Pearson Edexcel.

The three units learners will need to complete as part of the course are:

  • Unit 1 – Understanding the Principles and Practices of Internally Assuring the Quality of Assessment
  • Unit 2 – Internally Assure the Quality of Assessment
  • Unit 3 – Plan, Allocate and Monitor Work in Own Area of Responsibility

We deliver the majority of the IQA (IV) course on an online learning system. This means that you can complete all of the theory for the course at a pace that suits you best.  As part of Unit 2, you need to monitor two assessors, each with two candidates of their own. Whilst most colleges and training providers require you to have access to the assessors to monitor, that is something we can help with. We can actually provide you with access to the assessors to work with. This would enable you to complete the course quicker than if you were to go down the conventional route with other colleges and training providers.

What are the entry requirements?

The Level 4 Awards and Certificate in Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment are available for all candidates who fulfill the following criteria set by the Awarding Organisations:

Age range: 19+

Core skills: (English, Maths) At least to A Levels standard.

Access to Internet using a laptop / pc / tablet using up to date Windows, Android or Apple operating systems.

Access to two assessors, assessing two of their own learners each (for Unit 2 only). We can arrange access to assessors for people who are not working as internal verifiers yet.

Access to at least two other Internal Verifiers who quality assure two assessors each (for Unit 3 only).