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I decided to join British College of Business for two reasons; one was for the experience of studying with international students to broaden my outlook and more importantly, the one year fast track Higher National Diploma in Business.
The merit /distinction profile which I have achieved got me to third year of a business degree . The tutors have been very knowledgeable and experienced.
Everyone was made to feel welcomed to the college, with all staff knowing who you were personally. By having small classes enabled more effective learning and you were given maximum support by tutors. I would recommend BCOB to anyone interested in a business degree.

Choudry Javed

BCOB is one of the best experiences i have ever had. I was so lucky to study in BCOB. i met with great teachers and friends all around the world. BCOB., is not only language school, but also kind of your family that becomes part of your life. i never felt like stranger in BCOB.. Thats why i loved BCOB. so much.

Michelle – Colombia

BCOB was my home away from home! I cannot find other words to describe BCOB. As my second family, BCOB helped me improve my English to a level that I never thought I would be able to reach. The staff members will be your family because they lend a hand to your success in learning English; they are prompt to help, to support and to care about you. All of them would like to have a warm chat with you, which is a good way to improve your English as well. Now, I am in a university and I thank BCOB for have helped me improve my English that has shown more than useful right now in my college education.

Akhtar – Pakistan

“The Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training is extremely current and progressive and is very relevant to the curriculum. It allows student teachers great opportunities to incorporate IT into the classroom, and integrate curricular areas with new media. The live tutorials are an excellent way for tutors and students to discuss, reflect on and gain greater knowledge of each subject.”

“I have found the interactions with the rest of my class, 45 candidates representing 20 countries from 6 continents, to be the most wonderful surprise of the program. I had no idea when I started on this initiative that we would have access to such amazing diversity and that we would be able to all connect on a regular basis via the online tutorials.”

“I am very much convinced of the advantages of this programme: I don’t have to spend time travelling to and from a campus, dodging traffic or wasting my time looking for a parking place. Furthermore, I can repeat areas I find difficult until I understand them, without slowing down those that already do. And, what is very important, I still have direct contact to my tutor and enjoy interaction with my fellow students.”

Arifa – UK

Small classes and tutors with industry experience make this learning unrivalled by most university business courses. The diversity of students nationalities and ages provided a close community feel – an experience I would more than recommend, and certainly never forget.

Mohamed Alaa

Studying at BCOB has been a good experience, the environment is welcoming and being here was enjoyable. The standard of teaching is very good as we were taught by experienced individuals who had knowledge of the modules and were also specialists in their fields. This gave me the assurance that I would gain the knowledge I needed to help with my career in the future. Being here enabled me to enhance my skills of learning and socializing, the staff has also been very helpful and professional. I would highly recommend this college to others wanting to finish their degree quickly

Nisaar Ahmed

Now I’m a medical student, in September I’m going to start my last year, and then I’d like to get a residency in cardiac surgery. About my experience at BCOB.: BCOB was like my second family, it was a place where I grow up, where I met amazing people, where I understood that even if we are born thousand miles away, in different countries, we all are the same , we all have the same feelings. In a sentence BCOB was my teenage dream that became reality, a lovely place in an amazing city, surrounding by wonderful people.

Jamila – India

This experience at BCOB was the “start up” about something bigger. I discovered the pleasure to meet people from different countries, different religions and cultures. Teachers at BCOB are always available to help you and with their suggestions I improved. Most important I’m continuing to improve my English. I’m studying Law at University. English, especially for trade and business, is basic. I can’t forget the activities organized (trips, parties). I will never forget it, the beginning of new way to see the world with some special people!

Fernando – Brazil

“As a Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training graduate of from British College of Business (BCOB), I found the course, while intensive and challenging, refreshingly innovative and rewarding. I began the course in 2009 and found that the on-site lessons on weekends/holiday periods were of quality content and delivered by thorough professionals. While the workload and commitment required is not for the faint hearted I felt that the whole process was one which I would repeat to further my studies in the future as I felt I had a good partnership with the College, even when I found the workload demanding.

An enormous part of the course’s success was due to the tutorials. They were a social point of contact with tutors and other students in my group and an invaluable educational tool. I used the playback option on these tutorials as part of my exam revision study and found them most beneficial.

I am now teaching a mixed ability class of 30 children which is also challenging. Certainly I still have a lot to learn and know that the learning did not end when the course did! I do feel however that the holistic education the course provided to me in content and delivery is an example of what I would like to emulate in the classroom, which is I suppose the highest praise I could give to BCOB.”

Waqar – UK